Welcome to Bend MassageWorks!


Both nurturing and therapeutic, my sessions address the

body as a whole and integrate muscle specific

treatment work with slow, flowing relaxation. 

I offer Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Injury Rehabilitation,

Manual Lymph Drainage and Oncology Massage sessions.


60 Minutes

This is a good option if you have one specific area (either MLD or massage therapy) that you want to focus on in addition to an abbreviated full body massage. 



75 Minutes

This is a good option if you have one or more specific areas you want to focus on in addition to a more thorough full body massage. 



90 Minutes

This is a good option if you have multiple areas to focus on and want to be fully submersed in relaxation! This is the best option for full body MLD treatments. 



Nice to meet you!


I'm Jill Deckman Cooper, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist and owner of Bend MassageWorks. 

I was trained in the art of massage therapy in 2016 at The Cortiva Institute in Seattle, WA.

Upon graduating, I spent an incredible year studying under Brian Utting and the Pacific Northwest School of Massage perfecting muscle-specific deep tissue techniques. I come from medical massage experience and focus on integrating treatment work with sublime relaxation.


After experiencing great loss in my beautiful life, I have come to understand the important role of massage therapy in the process of moving through grief and healing. I am able and honored to hold space for those who are struggling with anxiety or trauma related symptoms. 


I am blessed to provide oncology massage therapy and MLD through the St. Charles Cancer Center Integrative Therapies and in my personal practice. I am a preferred practitioner for the Tour des Chutes Integrative Therapy voucher program and my certification in MLD is in the Vodder Method taught by the highly respected Klose Training

Thank you so much for your interest in Bend MassageWorks. I can't wait to become your favorite massage therapist! 

OR License # 24035

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